Meet Savvy’s Newest Couple

The oil rich city of Warri was set agog yesterday as one of a dedicated member of Savvy Kings and Queens Mr. Akpos Andrew School and Barrister Chinelo Odili tied the knots today at St. Jude Catholic Church, Effurun GRA, Effurun, Delta state.

The ceremony was colourful and lit as members rallied round to show the groom and bride love and support.

It marked the beginning of a beautiful union between our very own Savvy King and his wife now Mr and Barrister Mrs Akpovofene School.

Mr. Akpos

Akpovofene Andrew School hails from Owhe in Isoko North L.G.A of Delta State, Nigeria. He is a renowned successful businessman and also an event Planner.

Barrister Chinelo Sophia School (Nee Odili) hails from Obiaruku in Ukwani L.G.A also in Delta State, Nigeria. She is a Lawyer by profession.

Akpos as he is fondly known and called has been one of Savvy’s most committed members. He is also a member of the Coordinators Forum representing Delta State Chapter of Savvy Kings and Queens.

His contributions during the Last Major General Charity event hosted by Hilfswerk Afrika Support and Savvy Kings and Queens, Nigeria didn’t go unnoticed, applauded and appreciate.

We at Savvy Kings and Queens and The Savvy Gist Crew want to wish Mr and Mrs Akpos a Happy Married life. And Cheers to giving us new Savvy Princes and Princesses lol.

We Love you guys

Savvy Kings and Queens is a Non-Governmental Organization committed to charity works globally and locally. Join us on Facebook!

See Marriage Photos below.

Savvy Members Savvys Repping

6 thoughts on “Meet Savvy’s Newest Couple

  1. I wish to celebrate you and ur wify on your wedding day.. The grace of God that made u walk up in the presence of God and men will keep you and your household in peace, upliftment and favor…
    Happy marriage Life Bro

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