Woman On Gun Rampage At YouTube’s Headquarter California

12:46pm Tuesday afternoon, Youtube’s Headquarter in California witnessed a horrifying shooting.

According to reports, four people have been injured by a white female shooter who after her shooting rampage turned the gun and shot herself.

Youtube employees were having a party on Courtyard benches when the shooter reportedly opened fire at the employees first shooting at her boyfriend before shooting herself.

Officers and federal agents swarmed the company’s headquarters complex in the city of San Bruno at about 12.46pm as dozens of panicked employees called 911 to report gunfire and some posted on twitter.

Upon arrival, police found the woman dead inside the campus.

The four people are currently in a Hospital in San Francisco and their conditions currently unknown.

At a press conference at around 3.30pm local time, San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the shooter was dead.

“At 12.46pm this afternoon, we received numerous 911 calls regarding gun shots at YouTube’s campus.

Police arrived at 12.48pm and immediately began a search for a possible shooter or shooters.

Upon arrival, police encountered numerous employees fleeing. It was very chaotic.

Officers encountered one gunshot victim… several minutes later while searching the building officers located a second gunshot wound victim that may have been self-inflicted”.

In an initial statement, Google, which owns YouTube, said it was cooperating with authorities. ‘We are coordinating with authorities and will provide official information here from Google and YouTube as it becomes available,’ they said.

Police at the scene say the situation is a ‘very active’ scene. San Bruno is around 11 miles south of San Francisco.

Authorities have received 50 separate 911 calls of shots being fired on the premises.

The campus is spread over 200,000 sq ft and is where 1,700 employees work.

There is no specific detail on where the shooting took place, how many people have been shot and whether any have been wounded fatally.

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