Become Your Miracle.

Miracles are divine intervention but with the right attitude, mindset and upgrade mastery journey you can be the intervention that becomes your miracle. #DeepThinking
Success never happens suddenly. It is deliberate, planned and executed. I know many people expect miracles but miracles don’t just happen. I have seen people who pray for breakthrough and yet don’t break away from their comfort zone. They remain where they have always been yet desire to go forward without making any deliberate action.
The old quaint saying that manna no longer falls from heaven. But with the right action helps you create your own manna. I see most young people not taking out the time to discover themselves and harness their potential yet complain about the government and society. No society or government system was designed to make anyone rich. So it’s either you find a way to make the system work for you or you end up working for the system. When the system works for you, then you have become your miracle.
Over the years on my upgrade mastery journey I have realized time and time again that no body owes me anything and all I get is a privilege. The miracle I seek, I must become. So I pay the price for the prize. Investing in personal development like my life depended on it and it is still paying off. Recently I was told that what we eat today were seeds planted last year and if we want to eat next year we must plant the right seeds this year. Miracle can be produced when you do the right things and not just do things right.
Three simple ways to become a Miracle
1) Develop you. The brand called you must be developed by you
2) Don’t just know what to do, do what you know. No excuses, only results
3) Surprise yourself and leave your comfort zone, greatness never happens from the seat of comfort. Your comfort zone is where anything goes and nothing grows.
Miracles still happen but not in ways we have always known it. The best way to have a miracle is to become a miracle. #DeepThinking
The only obstacle to your becoming a miracle is you. You can become your miracle when you decide to be. Nothing just happens, you make things happen.
On the upgrade side of life, we show people how to become their own miracle. Miracles still exist and are real. The miracle you seek, you must become. Take charge and be in charge.

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