Fashion: Dressing For Job Interviews.

As a fashion enthusiast as well as a clothing brand executive, I get asked almost every time why some people get rejected for jobs even when they perform wonderfully at interviews.
I know a second class upper dude who got rejected after he had aced his interview.
Now let me tell you a little secret… YOUR APPEARANCE MATTERS A LOT. In fact your dressing is the first thing the interviewers see when you walk into the room. So today i will be telling you guys how to DRESS FOR SUCCESS at interviews.
Personally i have noticed that many job seekers do not have at least a suit. They end up borrowing from their friends when they have to attend an interview. You need to invest in at least a suit that’s a perfect fit on you.
The most powerful suit colors that anyone can possess include Navy blue, Charcoal black and Ash. Do know that there is a huge difference between a SUIT and a COAT. Get suits that are a perfect fit with your body. The pants should not be longer than your ankle. There is a certain length your trousers should be. Your trouser should rest just at your ankle. Also try to avoid stripped shirts. A plain white long sleeve or any other plain long sleeve would do.
I will talk about trouser breaks some other time. Finally for guys, do avoid ties that have complex colors. The most powerful tie color to possess is a RED TIE. However, any other color which you know is not too loud will work. Try to avoid polka dot ties, you don’t want to look too out of place. Generally i advice that you play safe with colors during interviews. Okay kings and queens hope you have learnt something new today. Do remember to always dress for success.
LAST BULLET: People will stare at you when you walk pass them, always make that stare worthwhile. Dress to make an impression!

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