Video: Plane Window Smashes Mid-Flight, Leaving 1 Passenger Dead and Several Others Injured

A horrifying and ultimately fatal incident occurred on a Southwest Airlines flight 1380. One of the plane’s engines is reported to have exploded during the flight, and a result, a piece of shrapnel severely damaged one of the plane windows.
One of the passengers onboard identified to be Jennifer Riordan, was partially sucked out of the window, and while the other passengers were able to bring her back into the plane, she tragically died from blunt impact trauma.
Riordan’s story has sent shockwaves around the world, as it seemed more like a scene from a Hollywood action thriller than a real-life plane. Unfortunately, like all vehicles, aircraft accidents are an occasional reality.
A staff at the charity United Way of Central New Mexico posted a statement on the company website, which reads:
“The staff and volunteers of United Way of Central New Mexico are deeply saddened by the loss of Jennifer Riordan of Wells Fargo. Jennifer cheerfully championed so many causes in our region and was a real force for good.
We’ve so many wonderful memories of Jennifer’s willingness to connect people to each other and our community to a better path. Jennifer served UWCNM most recently as a member of our Mission: Graduate Vision Council, but has served in many capacities over the years. She will be greatly missed.”
UNM Broadcasters where Jennifer graduated released a statement saying:
“Our hearts are heavy with the news of the death of Jennifer Riordan today. Jennifer was a UNM graduate in the C&J department as well as a former NMBA Board member and NMBA Scholarship winner. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jennifer’s family”.

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