Video: Church Where Pastor Uses Beer To Cast Out Demons.

It is not new or shocking to see the extent to which some Pastors go just to get a larger congregation.
We have seen Pastors stepping on people in the name of miracles and deliverance. We have seen Pastors ordering their congregation to eat grass and we have seen pastors sexually assaulting women in the name of deliverance.
But, This Pastor uses beer to cast demons out of his Church members.
The church was founded by a man known as Guy Emile Cetikouabo, who proclaimed himself God, and claimed to be invisible. Although he is dead, the church members say he is represented on earth by their current leader, Charles Loundou.
The church believes beer can be used to cleanse evil spirits. The members call this mixture of beer and faith, “biéramicine”.
Services which lasts up to 9 hours are dedicated to the healing of souls and bodies with sips of beer and praise. People come from all walks of life mainly to seek an immediate solution to all their problems and deliverance.
Watch the Video here!

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