Legislative Aide: Sen. Matthew Urhoghide Has No Regret For Defending What Is Right.

I have been receiving many calls and messages on a purported remark made by the Distinguished Senator Matthew Urhoghide to the effect that he regrets his action on going discussions concerning the Presidents violation of the constitution as enunciated in section 80 of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended and his call for the invocation of section 143 of the same constitution.
May I state that such canard making the rounds was neither written by the Distinguished Senator nor authorized by him.
Indeed, this is another angle to the antics and dirty play of the ruling party and it’s willing and uninformed members in the principles of democracy and the separation of powers. Indeed it exposes in debt, the lack of understanding of the role of any senator or Honorable member of the National House of Representatives . It clearly brings to the fore the lack of knowledge of what it means to take an oath to defend the country through the vigorous Defence of the efficacy of its constitution.
The Distinguished senator has no regrets and has no apology to anyone for defending what is right and what is Honorable for the growth and proper governance of this nation.
Barr. Neda Imasuen,
Snr. Legislative Aide to
Senator Matthew Urhoghide.

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