Fashion: How To Combine Sneakers With Suit.

It’s another tuesday and we have something quite interesting we will be discussing today. How can you as a fashionista combine a pair of white sneakers with a suit or blazer?
I have always been fascinated by fashion that I most times carry out fashion experiments on myself.
Some weeks ago I was invited to an event. It was a weekend and I didn’t want to appear too formal or serious so I decided to combine my black suit with a pair of white sneakers. If you want to know how that turned out, then keep reading.

I have seen people wear a suit with a red, green, blue or black canvas. This is so wrong. If you want to go casual on a suit then only a pair of white sneakers will do the trick.
However, there are rules to this combination. Firstly, it’s advisable that you ultimately ditch your tie especially if it is your first time trying it out, however you can keep the tie is you have mastered the art. Remember the aim is to look more casual.
Secondly, your jacket must be a perfect fit. Emphasis should be placed on the word ‘perfect’. Wearing an oversized jacket is a complete turnoff.
Thirdly, the break of your pants must be right. Understand that your suit pant has to be the perfect length. I’ll advice that the length of your suit pants stop just at your ankle. This is the perfect break.
Most times while experimenting with different combinations I try to keep it simple so I don’t look too loud, so I’ll advice that you make use of a crisp polished white cotton long sleeve shirt.
Finally, clothes do not make a man, rather it is the man who wears the clothes who makes them stand out. So remember to always dress with confidence.
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