2 Hospitalized, 128 Treated After Eating Uninspected Meat In Nakuru

128 Recieving Treatment

Two people have been hospitalised and 128 others treated and discharged in Nakuru after eating meat from a dead cow.

Among those who fell ill after consuming the cow carcass at Kiptororo and Muthinji villages in Kuresoi North, were 60 children, 45 women and 25 men.

Kuresoi North Deputy County Commissioner Felix Wafula said the victims were brought to the hospital suffering from severe diarrhoea, vomiting and stomachaches.

Mr Wafula said the owner of the cow had called veterinary officers last Thursday after noticing some his cows were sick.

One of the survivors, Ms Rose Omindwa, said she ate the meat on Friday after one of her sons bought it from unknown source.

“I called the area chief for assistance after noticing that my entire family were suffering from stomach pains and diarrhoea,” Ms Omindwa at Molo sub-County Hospital.

She was treated and discharged alongside seven family members.

Ms Omindwa said a kilogram of the meat was selling at Sh200.

Another victim from Muthinji village in Sirikwa Location, Mr Samson Njuguna, was also treated and discharged alongside his seven family members.

“I came in the evening and found my wife had prepared a delicious meal which we all shared and enjoyed,” said Mr Njuguna, adding that the children started vomiting and having diarrhoea moments later.

Sirikwa Location Chief Elijah Cheruiyot said the residents were reluctant to reveal the source of the meat.

He said police were pursuing the owner of the cow but he is still at large.

Mr Thomas Cheruiyot, the assistant veterinary officer, who inspected the cow said it had signs of salmonella infection.

“A cow with such disease experiences blood stains and diarrhoea, fever, falling down before dying,” said the veterinary officer.

Mr Wafula, the deputy county commissioner, urged all the chiefs and their assistants to investigate if there are other residents who had consumed the meat and were still hiding.

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