Paris museum allows Nudists

About 160 naturalists visited the Palais du Tokyo Museum on Saturday.

The Palais du Tokyo a contemporary museum on Avenue President Wilson in the city’s lush 16th arrondissemen opened its doors to nudists for a special visit Saturday.

It’s part of growing efforts by France’s tiny nudist community to encourage acceptance of clothes-free activities, after a nudist restaurant and nudist park opened in the French capital.

Visitors were allowed to stroll round the museum’s exhibitions as long as they leave their coat and the rest of their clothes in the cloakroom.

The museum visit was arranged before regular opening hours so the nudists wouldn’t mingle with other visitors. They viewed an exhibit of contemporary works focused on “Discord.”

Organizers said they are hoping to attract younger members and get rid of “complexes” around their nudist practices, which they don’t want “limited to beaches, summertime or a certain category of the population.”

Naturist campaigners said the museum event was a breakthrough in one of the culture capitals of the world.

France is home to some 2.6 million naturists so there is clearly a demand for nudist events.

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