Mysterious Lagos #ManInTheBox Exits Box at 10am Today!

Earlier this week, residents of Lagos going about their everyday business were treated to an interesting and astonishing view: an unknown man working and pacing inside a glass box, with the hashtag – #maninabox clearly written on the sides.
Many were dumbfounded, with no idea why a man would choose to make a billboard box his office space.

So #maninthebox very quickly spread like wildfire on Twitter and other social media platforms. We also noticed that the wonder man in the box created a twitter account for himself – @ManInTheBoxNG, calling himself a temporary friend and a permanent problem solver.
Responding to questions, he says he chose to live in the box because he was enjoying the view and is trying to come up with some brilliant ideas for his Nigerian people.
According to reliable sources, the mysterious #maninthebox might just be stepping out of his box sometime today. It will be interesting to see what his plans are and why he chose to live in a box of all places.
For those who do not want to miss the moment when the man steps out of his box, make sure you are at the now famous box at 10am today, beside Oriental Hotel along the Lekki/Ajah expressway.

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