The Broken Hearted – by Collins Ideh

I saw it coming yet I stood in the way,
It was as bright as the northern star on a darker night,
I wandered in the cold waiting all day
Not knowing you were basking in another’s warm delight

My eyes never lost its gaze at the clock,
My bed has grown cold while I struggle to keep watch dozing on the couch,
You lighten my worries with your stories of bull and cock
you shot me from my blindside when you knew i couldn’t crouch

You knew my weakness and trampled on it,
And with every stampede you scattered the pieces of my heart,
I drowned in my own tears loosing my feet,
Picking up the pieces as they float apart,

How would I have known that falling in love has no guarantee,
When you were everything I ever wanted,
Seeing you happy was more than enough warranty,
Not knowing your feigned feelings had already faded.

Only been in love twice and make same mistake both times,
I’m crying right now cause it hurts too much to smile,
i now stay in the house cause every place i go reminds me
of our lives,
But now my house is on fire
Can you please wake me and tell me it is a lie?

Sir Dchamp’s Poetry

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