Ondo State: Police Arrests Five Men Who Raped Two Teenagers, While Two Others escaped

Ondo State Police command have arrested five men for allegedly raping two female teenagers in the Odoside area of Ondo town, Ondo State.

The state police command spokesperson, Mr. Femi Joseph, said that the suspects tortured and raped the victims after which they allegedly recorded the scene in a video which they posted on the Internet.

The police identified the suspects as Bode Akinsiku, Olabanji Femi, Abiodun Ayodele, Fadairo Wahab and Adedayo Adebayo. The suspects were alleged to have posted the videotape of the sexual assault on their Facebook pages; they were reportedly arrested following a complaint lodged at a police station by a relative of one of the victims. Recounting their ordeals, the two girls said they were four in number and were invited to the house of one of the suspects who pretended to be celebrating the birthday of his daughter. The girls noted that two of them (also teenagers) escaped from the scene. One of victims said, “They stripped us naked and seized all our clothes; they recorded the video after all of them had had sexual intercourse with us one after another. They equally threatened to take us to the street naked. We cried and begged them to allow us to go after they had raped us. “They lured us to the area around 11.30am; they held us hostage for several hours. They later fetched water for us and allowed us to take our bath; they bought rice for us to eat and freed us in the evening. We reported the matter to one of my brothers, who vowed to get the video and report the mater to the police. “Though some of the families of the suspects have been begging us and promised to pay us money, my brother managed to get the video and reported the matter to the police.”

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