Video: Malaysia Restaurant Shut Down For Washing Plates In Pothole On The Street

Diners at a popular restaurant in a Malaysian tourist hotspot were horrified to discover their dishes were washed in a puddle on the street.

A video which surfaced online showed staff from Raj’s Banana Leaf restaurant squatting over a pothole on the street, scrubbing and rinsing food trays with the dirty water.

‘They do not have proper washing facilities behind the kitchen,’ he said.However, the restaurant passed health checks with an A- rating and ‘cleanliness checks showed that the restaurant was in good condition’ Mr Patel confirmed.

It remains unclear how the popular restaurant passed cleanliness checks without proper washing facilities in the kitchen.

Health authorities were forced to shut the restaurant down indefinitely after finding there were no adequate washing facilities.

The restaurant in Kuala Lumpur’s affluent neighbourhood of Bangsar, issued an apology, blaming the incident on new staff but has since been shut down.


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