Savvy Kings And Queens Management Board Calls For More People To Get Involved in Philanthropy

Savvy Kings and Queens is a Facebook group of ordinary people from all works of life come together to give back the society as best as they can.

SKAQs was founded October 31, 2016, born out of a divine mandate.

SKAQs has chapter in various States across Nigeria and Europe and has carried out various Charity events across several States in Nigeria.

SKAQs have visited various Orphanage Homes across several States in Nigeria; Rivers State, Edo State, Delta State, Lagos State, Imo State, F.C.T Abuja and one of their major event to mark their one year anniversary was the “Operation Feed 1,000 Street Kids” which was hosted at Airport road, Warri, Delta State which saw over 1,000 kids fed, distribution of clothes, books and educational writing materials to the kids and teachers present.

The Management and Board of Trustees is appealing to everyone to get involved in ensuring our various communities and States get the necessary empowerment.

Philanthropy is a lifestyle which every living soul ought to cultivate irrespective of his/her financial strength or social status.

Philanthropists do not only spend and invest money but they try to help others to become a better version of themselves. Nigeria is blessed with many of such men and women who started from the scratch, kept their nose to the grindstone and turn seemingly insignificant ideas into behemoth industries then raced into the world of philanthropy in order to touch lives.

Philanthropy is not only financial but also mentoring, kindness, selfless service, patriotism etc, provided such is done without reward or interest projections.

We also want to commend the efforts of all our amiable members towards the actualization of out goals. It won’t be possible without you all.

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