The Lamentations Of The Ugly

The definition of beauty ,
why isn’t it me?
Is it her because she wears those really expensive jeans ?
Is it her because she fulfills all of your freaky dreams ?
I never asked for your money .
All i want is your time .
Is it too complicated for you to let our hearts intertwine ?
Are you afraid yours will flat line ?

Why when i give it a chance ,
it acknowledges my flaws .
It preys on the cracks in my broken home .
Cheat and lie so much ,
that i become a side chic!!!
and really Don’t Give a heck!!!
All I wanted was that one guy .
To look me in my eye
and tell me i’m beautiful,
But not even needing to put it in words,
because i can feel it in his touch.

I see it in his eyes ,
the way he touches me
suddenly gives me butterflies .
Am i not pretty enough to have a man ?
A man to tell me i’m beautiful
and not just sexy and cute !
Someone to love me for the way i hold him down ,
Not the way i suck him up .
I guess this ugly duckling
just can’t get no luck .
Is it because i’m charcoal
and not peachy like the sun ?
I know what i deserve .
I just wish i knew who it was .
Am I your definition of beauty ?
Or just a quick night of fun ?

Sir Dchamp’s poetry

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