Herdsmen: Senator Owie Warns Buhari Against Using Nigeria’s Money For Ranches

A former Chief whip of the Senate, and chieftain of Action Democratic Party, ADP, Senator Rowland Owie, yesterday, warned President Muhammadu Buhari against using public funds to build cattle ranches in the country.

The ADP chieftain said cattle rearing remained a private business and it would be illegal for the president to spend taxpayers’ money to set up ranches.

Owie, who also is the Chairman, National Contact Committee of ADP, further admonished that “The All Progressives Congress, APC-led Federal Government should also perish the idea of establishing ranches in states.

Cattle rearing is private business and those involved in that business should sort themselves out and government funds must not be used for it.”

Reacting to the comment by the President that the budget will be difficult to implement, after he accused the National Assembly of inserting N578billion into the budget, he said the President should not expect the National Assembly to always do his bidding since it was an independent body outside the Executive.

According to Owie, “I wish to call on a few democrats that are still in the APC to tell President Buhari that the National Assembly is never and can never be a rubber stamp Assembly and that the President be tutored on the difference between Supreme Military Council and the Federal Executive Council and the National Assembly in a democracy.”

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