IMSU Student Arrested For Trying To Cut Off Man’s Manhood After Sex

A self-acclaimed final year student of the Imo State University has been arrested for trying to chop off the joystick of a man after sex.

The incident happened, yesterday, around Douglas road, Owerri. According to Uzondo, an NTA journalist who witnessed the scene, “Just this morning, I dashed into fidelity bank Douglas for transaction, only to see a girl breathing and panting.

I asked what happened, I was told by an eyewitness that the girl chopped off a guys manhood. Then I pressed further to get the real story.

The girl called the victim late in the evening on Thursday, that she wants him around her. The guy asked her to come, she requested the guy to come and pick her up in her hostel at IMSU.

The guy went and picked her. After they have done all and had sex, around 4a.m this morning, the girl took knife to cut off the manhood, but the manhood did not fall out complete, before d guy woke up and raised alarm. The brothers came out and held the girl, and rushed the guy to the hospital.

After sewing the manhood and other medical logistics, the bill accumulated to N300k plus and the girl was asked to pay, she accepted, and took them to fidelity bank to make the withdrawal.

When they got to the bank, the girl refused withdrawing, and that raised the curiosity of men around to know what was going on. The girl, when asked of her own account of the story, accepted the foretold to be true.

But insisted they agreed on N6k payment for the night, and after the deal the guy told her to wait till morning. That she became angry and devil took over her and made her to cut the manhood.

Just in a twinkle of an eye, the whole bank environment was crowded by youths asking the bank to release the girl that she must be lynched but the bank security resisted the idea and called in the police to pick her up.

The girl, when asked if she is a student of IMSU, she accepted that she is in final year, but refused to tell her name and department in the said university.

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