Video: Ghanaian Pastor’s Wife Osofo Maame Reportedly Shared Naked Video In Church’s WhatsApp Group

The Ghanaian pastor’s wife, Osofo Maame, accidentally sent a naked video of herself to church members via their Church Whatsapp group.

As to who she was sending the video too is not yet clear. It could be she was sending it to her husband the pastor.

From the short video, the Ghanaian pastor’s wife could be seen playing with her vital parts, while she seductively to danced to the camera.

Through it all, her baby was crying in the background but Osofo Maame was too consume with the flames of passion to attend to the child.

After the video went viral, Osofo Maame was too ashamed and she tried to commit suicide by gulping a bottle of poisonous substance but luckily, she was found by relatives who quickly rushed her to the Hospital where she has recuperated.

Video below:

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