Brief Profile And Contribution Of Justice Katsina Alu To The Nigerian Judiciary- Sebastine Hon, SAN

The sudden demise our eminent Jurist and former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Hon. Justice A.I. Katsina-Alu, GCON, has sent deep shock into all of us who know his enormous contributions to justice administration in Nigeria. A very upright man, his lordship was the first Tiv-speaking Attorney-General of Benue State, the first Tiv-speaking Judge of the Benue State High Court, the first Tiv-speaking Justice of the Court of Appeal, the first Tiv speaking Judge of Supreme Court, and the first Tiv-speaking Chief Justice of Nigeria. In all of these, his lordship left indelible landmarks. Trained in the British Legal Tradition of Brevity, laced with deepness, his lordship’ s judgments on the Bench were brief, incisive and straight to the point, thereby rendering justice without much stress. He played a major role in the ‘resource control’ suits, the Atiku survivalist litigations, the Rotimi Amaechi ‘k-leg’ survivalist litigation that enamoured the National Assembly to reshape the Electoral Act, 2010; and in several other public-interest suits. I can also say without blinking an eye that his brief stay as the CJN saw to the peaking of welfare packages for staff of the Judiciary, especially his colleagues on the Supreme Court Bench. Above all, he was God fearing and one who opened his doors to the poor and needy. Adieu, my father.

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