Video: St. Augustine Catholic Church, Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria Overtaken By Massive Flood

Parishioners of the Church can be heard calling on the State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to save them from the horrible and persistent floods.

Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa became governor of the oil rich Delta State in 2015 but has been an integral member of State Government and the Ibori dynasty since 1999, as Commissioner at various Government Ministries and subsequently as secretary to the State Government when Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan was Governor.

Many in Delta State believe that the multi billion naira contract awarded by Delta State Government to address the flood issue is a ploy and conduit pipe by the Governor and his cronies to loot public funds.

Recently, while inspecting the slow paced job Governor Okowa stated that additional 13 billion Naira will be needed to complete the project.

Governor Okowa is seeking re-election in 6 months time and the alleged looting conduit pipe of a project is not scheduled to be completed before the Governorship elections. This has led many to believe that the Governor is not sincere about resolving this persistent problem of flooding.

Driving around Asaba, drainage pipes and dug-up soil can be seen in strategic areas, suggesting that drainage system work is ongoing. However, this level of ongoing drainage work does not appear to be commensurate to the amount of money already pumped into project thus far as the work was contracted to a ‘no-name’ construction firm.

In the meantime, the Catholic faithfuls appear to be praying for a miracle from above in the absence of help from the Delta State Government.

See Video:

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