Arisekola Ademeso Owoseni Arrested After Months Of Absconding

It was earlier reported that a manhunt was launched for an alleged ringleader of a fraudsters syndicate involved in a N4 million HIV scam, Arisekola Ademeso Owoseni (Dr. Quash)… Adekola, said to be the CEO of MCD Filmz and Record Store in Ondo, confessed to the crime in a conversation before he absconded.

The suspect has been arrested and is currently at the office of the NSCDC Ondo State Command.

‘You f*cked up’, Arisekola (Dr. Quash) told a radio presenter after his arrest.

Arisekola Owoseni Ademeso (Dr. Quash) who reportedly defrauded a victim living with AIDS in Ondo, has faulted, Omo Edema, the presenter of Gongo Nso radio programme for reporting his fraudulent exploits to the public on air.

Recall the CEO of MCD Filmz and Records Store at Surulere Ondo, who had been on the run for the past few months over the matter, was later arrested late hours of last Sunday.

Court had ordered two members of the gang earlier arrested to be reminded at Olokuta prison, Akure.

Arisekola, who had earlier confessed to have collected ₦350,000 from his victim in a conversation, was now denying of collecting money from him before. Other victims also gave painful accounts of their huge financial loss on their encounter with the alleged arrowhead and his boys at their shrine at Ayeyemi in Ondo.

He, (Arisekola) later promised to refund the AIDS victim with ₦500,000 and one among other victims with ₦400,000.

He was quoted as saying “I will give the Hiv/aids man ₦500,000 and ₦400,000 to the other woman otherwise let us all meet in the court.”

“Omo Edema you f*cked up Olorun! The confessional statement made to you by (Baba Asala) Dayo Akinjisola was enough for you to have access to me and never remain the same again. I am a popular Jingle in Ondo and everybody knows me. You would have sent the statement to me and asked me to meet with you within three days. By now I would have been announcing that you are a good man. In fact by now I would have been supporting your radio programmes financially.”

Earlier, two among the gang members were arrested in which one of them, Dayo Akinjisola, a 69-year-old man, confessed that he joined the group two years ago. That ₦50,000 was his own share from the total amount defrauded of the victim. And that Arisekola was their leader and owner of their shrine at Ayeyemi in Ondo. He later lamented that he would have disengaged from the group but for the fear of hunger.

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