Mohammed Abubakar, Former Aircraft Cleaner Set To Become Captain 24 Years Later

A former aircraft cleaner identified as Mohammed Abubakar has been lauded and celebrated by his employer after he got his Fourth Bar and on the path to become a Captain.

Mohammed, according to a tweet posted on twitter by his company, started his career with them 24 years ago as an aircraft cleaner.

The company tweeted:

He Joined the Aviation industry 24years ago as Aircraft Cleaner. Today He is getting the Fourth Bar to becoming a CAPTAIN. Congratulations Mohammed Abubakar from all of us @AirAzman

The post has since gone viral and so many Nigerians have reacted to the success story of Mohammed with many being of the opinion that it could only be attributed to the man’s doggedness and if every Nigerian can emulate him, the country will be a better place.

See some reactions below:

Wow… from Aircratf cleaner you said? This is the kind of inspirational stories I love to hear. Congratulations Captain Muhammad Abubakar.

A user took the achievement as a motivation for himself and hope to fly someday too:

This is inspirational, especially for me. No matter how long it takes, you can still fulfill your dreams. I’ll fly someday too. Thanks for the encouragement!

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