Dr. Oladejo Receives Award From Students Of Management And Accounting, LAUTECH

It was a story of one good turn deserves another when the class’17 students of Management and Accounting honoured one of their lecturers Dr. M.O Oladejo (popularly called “BABO”) for being an outstanding lecturer.

The honour came as a surprise to the lecturer as he was taking the 300 level students of the same department a class when the students came in to present him the award.

Speaking with a student of the department, Yussuf Hammed,he said the honour was given to him as a result of his outstanding performance as a lecturer not only in the department but the faculty as a whole.

The lecturer upon reviving the award thanked the students and said a brief prayer for them before he continued with the class he was taking

Only weeks ago,this same sets of students presented an award to another lecturer in the department,Dr Onaolapo for his promotion to a Professor.

The lecturer, Dr Oladejo better known as comrade by other member of staff is always jovial in class and diligent in his duty. He rarely misses his classes and is always ready to give parental advice to students.

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