18-Year-Old Boy Kills His Mother In Edo, Has sex with Corpse for money ritual

Akpobome Samuel who allegedly strangled his mother Mrs Gift Samuel to death and slept with the corpse at the small town of Ologbo, Ikpoba Okha local government area of Edo state has given reasons for the dastardly act.

Samuel who was among 84 suspects paraded by the police for various crimes ranging from cultism, kidnapping, rape, armed robbery, murder and burglary yesterday in Benin explained that it was for money making rituals.

The other murder suspect was 20-year-old Odion Jimoh, who beheaded a man identified as Asuelimhen Atogwe, at Ayogwiri, in Edo north.

The teenage murder suspect who confessed to his crime said he acted on the instructions of a witch doctor whom he contacted for money rituals.

He said the voodoo doctor told him that after killing his mother, he should sleep with her corpse in order to get rich and that he willingly complied with the instructions and killed her.

Akpobome who said he worked in a sachet water packaging factory in Ologbo, said he was caught by his grandmother who came to knock on his door having waited patiently for the deceased to accompany her to church.

It was gathered that the grandmother caught the suspect in the act while having sex with his mother.

He claimed he had only slept with the corpse once. His grandmother raised the alarm that attracted the attention of the people around when she saw the lifeless body of her daughter on the floor.

“The native doctor told me to kill my mother and sleep with her corpse, but he did not tell me the number of days to sleep with her. He told me to keep her dead body inside the room for two days but I was caught when I could no longer keep it.”

“I did not know that my grandmother was sitting outside. She opened the door and sighted me with the corpse inside the room and raised the alarm that drew the attention of the public.”

“My mother did not offend me. I killed her because of the money,” he said.

On his part, Odion Jimoh who beheaded his victim said he did not know what came over him before he committed the crime.

“Honestly, the man did not do anything to me. I don’t know what came over me,” he said.

Police sources had it that the victim who worked as a carpenter was contracted to work at a house where he met the suspect smoking weed, and asked him why he was not at the community age-group festival.

It was gathered that the suspect who was already high after smoking marijuana, felt upset and humiliated by the victim’s questions, and went after him, hit him on the neck with a wooden object before beheading him with a cutlass.

A source added that the suspect was later arrested at an uncompleted building after the man who contracted the victim raised the alarm when he discovered the lifeless body of the man and his head beside him.

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